The Lands of Tarisato

All Imperial land south of the E’Korug River is known as the Lands of Tarisato. The Lands of Tarisato (population 937,500) consists of several small fiefs, each ruled by a separate lord, duke or baron. These petty nobles control the land in the name of the Emperor. Emperor Kabori allows these lords free control of these lands due to the shortage of military manpower and the high cost of protecting the land from the masses of humanoids in the Obakasek Jungle. Currently, there are nine lords governing these lands. Each lord has his own keep, typically surrounded by a small city or town.

The Emperor has placed a garrison of 100 elite Imperial soldiers in each of the lords’ castles to aid these lords in defending the land from the humanoids. These lords fight each other from time to time, when they believe there is a chance of taking control of more land. The Imperial soldiers stationed with the lords have been ordered not to interfere in these Tarisatan squabbles unless such a war jeopardizes the defenses against the Obakasek Jungle.

The P’Tikor Hills in eastern Tarisato, are home to the civilized Kors hobgoblins. Emperor Kabori has chosen to allow these tribes to inhabit the P’Tikors and even helped them build several mining owns and villages. The hobgoblins are allowed to mine the P’Rorul for riches, and have been given Kalamaran citizenship. In return for Kabori’s generosity, the Kors are required to provide troops to the Emperor from either among their own people or from savages taken from the Obakasek Jungle. The Kors undergo Kalamaran military training and are used as shock troops or to control the slaves of the Ka’Asas.

The Obakasek Jungle is the greatest threat to Tarisato in that the number of bloodthirsty humanoids emerging from there seems endless. Over the last three decades some lords have made alliances with less savage humanoid tribes for trade, protection and to hire warriors as mercenaries. The human lords also have pacts of mutual protection with the civilized hobgoblins of the P’Tikors.

Humanoids are rare in Tarisato. This is most likely due to the growing humanoid population within the towns and cities. The lords tolerate the humanoids because they are cheap labor and disposable mercenaries. Those humanoids that are encountered are usually members of adventuring bands or merchant trains.

Tarisato produces the finest cattle in the world and the nobles receive high prices for these animals. Besides livestock, other exports are precious gems, minerals and metals from the P’Rorul range and rare and exotic plants, herbs, spices and roots from the Obakasek Jungle. The value and rarity of these resources cause many foreign merchants to visit Tarisato, despite the dangers.

All churches have some form of representation in Tarisato. But, the Temple of the Patient Arrow, the Conventicle of the Great Tree, the Way of the Berserk, the Congregation of the Dead, the Temple of Strife and the Temple of Sleepless Nights are the most popular. Additionally, many adventurers are found in Tarisato. They are attracted by the rumors of riches beyond imagination in the Obakasek Jungle and in the treacherous P’Rorul Peaks.


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