Ka'Asa Mountains

Ka’Asa Mountains

This active volcanic range is a scourge to all of eastern Kalamar. In addition to the noxious fumes lingering for miles beyond their bases, they are home to all sorts of giants and humanoids. Brave souls, however, regularly explore this area as it is reportedly rich in diamonds and other jewels.

The western slopes of the Ka’Asa mountains were home to the dwarven kingdom of Karasta that endured, even prospered, despite the perils encountered in this unforgiving terrain. A new enemy appeared some fifteen years ago, however, and changed all that. Emperor Kabori gazed enviously upon the dwarven wealth and determined to make it his own. Years of fighting proved fruitless despite the high caliber of the Kalamaran soldiers, for the stubborn dwarves were masters of their terrain and used it to their utmost advantage.

The Emperor began to supplement his men-at-arms with hobgoblin mercenaries and, in a political coup, managed to curry the favor of several fire giant chieftains. In exchange for their aid in driving the dwarves out of their fortress at Irontop, the giants and whatever allies they could muster would receive all the treasure they could carry away from the citadel. Thus ensued the Battle of Kadir Ridge.

Marshall Jevanik with a force of 2,000 infantrymen, 4,500 goblinoid mercenaries and scores of giants and ogres launched an all-out assault on the dwarven citadel of Irontop. After an exceedingly bloody five days, the dwarves and their gnomish allies were forced to abandon the fortress after sustaining losses of well over 1,500. The victorious Marshall Jevanik promptly turned upon his supposed giant allies and scattered the remnants of this bloodied force to the four winds. Despite the nearly complete decimation of the goblinoid expeditionary force, Jevanik’s infantrymen had possession of the heart of the dwarven Kingdom. Reinforcements, predominantly hobgoblins, were quickly levied to supplement his occupying force.

Today, the Ka’Asas are in a state of utter disarray. The dwarves and gnomes have pulled back to reclusive camps from which they wage guerrilla warfare upon the forces of Emperor Kabori. The latter forces are never encountered in strength of under 100 strong, including a full score of human longbowmen. The footmen, both human and hobgoblin, wield halberds and are clad in unusually heavy armor, scale mail being most common. It is well they do, for it is not only the dwarves they must fear.

Ka'Asa Mountains

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